Owen's Angus Jams | Our Story

Owen's Angus Jams - Our Story

Where It Began...

How We Began | Owen's Angus Jams

When I was 12 I used to go around my local village selling free range eggs. When supply dried up I had to look for other ways to earn money. So I got my Grandma to teach me how to make a pot of jam. I decided to have a go at selling around the local village and couldn't believe it when I sold 50 jars in less than a week!

And so, Owen's Angus Jams was born. Based in Forfar, we make a selection of different jams, marmalades, boozy jams and fruit infused gins. I realised that people are keen to buy local produce and are shying away from mass-produced products found in the supermarkets. I felt I had a product that I could easily market due to the fact we strive to use locally grown fruit wherever possible.

My products are 100% natural and I use traditional methods. Some of the recipes have been passed down four generations and others we have experimented with to bring something new to the market.

How We Have Grown...

Early 2020 saw us move into a new premises where we are manufacturing and selling our products alongside Fosters Farm Shop in Whitehills Forfar.

In 2019 we successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign that allowed us to move into our very first dedicated factory space in Forfar. This allowed us to increase production and purchase all the required equipment.

In 2018 we won the contract through taste testing, to supply Glamis Castle with a selection of our jams and marmalades which they now sell under their own label. The media attention was amazing, hitting a lot of the national papers.

The Times- "Schoolboy's jam proves royal success"

Daily Mail- "Teenager cooks up cash with his jams at Glamis"

The Courier- "Teenage jam entrepreneur could soon be king of the castle"

Since then we have expanded and now supply a selection of local shops, restaurants, butchers and bakers. A full list of our stockists can be found here. We still attend a host of local markets and events.

The Future...

We are now continually looking to expand our business and possibly diversify into new product ranges. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for current updates.